Power Bank


29.99 €

Telephone discharged? No problem, get yourself recharged with Tribe's Power Bank Deck, a portable external battery that guarantees an extra energy reserve for your smartphone or iPad.
This 4000mAh Power Bank comes with a certified lithium battery and a 2-year guarantee. It's also handy to carry around with you due to its compact, slim shape.

This Power Bank Deck will win you over with both its functionality and style. Its unique design is inspired by R2D2, the faithful Star Wars droid who is part of the Rebel Alliance from the very first episode!

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  • R2-D2

    Power Bank


    29.99 €

    • Features


      4000 mAh Portable and rechargeable battery for charging all devices including tablets and cameras. Allowed on aircraft. 3D surface printing. Anti-slip rubber coating on the back.

    • Fast charge

      Fast charge

      Deck fully charges your smartphone up to 2 times.

    • Safety functions

      Safety functions

      Overload, Over discharge, Short circuit protection, Overcharging, Control of temperature during operation.

    • Accessories


      Micro-USB-cable included.

    • Tech specs

      Tech specs

      Size (mm): 112.5 × 67 × 8.6 Size (in): 4.4 × 2.6 × 0.3 Li-Polymer battery Input: 5V 1A Output: 5V 2A

    • Certifications


      RoHS, FCC, CE, C-Tick, 2 years warranty

      RoHS FCC CE C-Tick 2 years warranty
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4000 mAh 29.99 €

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